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Let's Build You An Online Transformational Business That Generates Consistent Revenue While Being Fully Aligned And Creating A Better World
Leading World Class Facilitators, Coaches, and Healers Through An Emotional + Strategic Accelerator To Create The Abundance You Have Been Waiting For
Empowering conscious entrepreneurs to enroll their first high end soulmate members, make their signature program, and build the foundation for their legacy that enables them to create the best world they can imagine
Leading World Class Facilitators, Coaches, and Experts Through An Emotional + Strategic Mastermind 
Designed To Create The Abundance You Have Been Waiting For

If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our "inner circle" we've decided to share it with. Either you know us personally, you've been following us, or you're a part of our Social Media Family ūüôĆ

If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our "inner circle" we've decided to share it with. Either you know us personally, you've been following us, or you're a part of our Social Media Family ūüôĆ
At The Purpose Legacy we've created something incredibly personal and dear to us that we've never seen before.
People like you aren't here just to build a profitable business that only provides for yourself. 

People like you realize that transformational business is simply a vehicle we use to bring people together to build a better world.

Our prospective clients ask us things like:

How do I consistently enroll clients into my program while running my business in a way that feels fully aligned?

How do I create greater impact without sacrificing time spent fostering my own practice and enjoying my life?

How can I overcome my fear of success and own my gifts fully so I can provide as much value as possible to the world?
When I started my career in the transformational field as a martial arts leadership instructor in 2010 I was going through a time of loneliness; so I set a 10 year vision: a vision for my life to be as amazing as I knew it could be.

It wasn't a matter of not being surrounded by people. It was a matter of attracting a community of people passionate about improving themselves and their world. To create a life of purpose, freedom, and love.

After 10 years working in the transformational field and 3 years being a transformational entrepreneur having invested in $10s of thousands of dollars of business programs, I achieved my 10 year vision beyond my wildest dreams. 

However... there was still something missing.

I saw the need in myself and in others for a community that combines emotional work with strategic insight rather than keeping them separate. 

A community where everyone involved acts as leaders empowering each other rather than coming to learn from only one facilitator
A community where people aren't just building successful 6+7 figure businesses for themselves... but where they are collaborating to build the best world they can imagine at the same time
A community where people weren't just building businesses for themselves... but who were actively lifting each other up while literally building the best world they could imagine
Here is some of what our clients are saying:

(After 10xing their income) "I wanted to give a huge shoutout to George. What you have created is so life changingly legendary. I am literally in tears"

(After going through one of the online training videos) "Dude, I love you. I just want to take a moment to express my immense gratitude for you. You are so epic. This container changed my life more than Tony Robbins changed my life, let's just put it that way"

(After attracting 4 clients in a day) "Whaaat a call, woah! ūüĒ•ūü¶Ö love you guys!! I feel so seen an validated in my mastery"

Leaders of Purpose lives by 3 pillars: Love, Joy, and Service.

Even as we are 10xing our income we are dropping into life changing transformational exercises. In the middle of talking about business strategy we break out in dance parties to enhance our creativity. Even as we grow our own business, we Leaders of Purpose help our teammates grow theirs.
Flowing bombing Leader Mentors Virginia Salas Kastilio (#1 Ranked Business Snapchat Influencer - Inc Magazine, above) and Jules Schroeder (Created #1 Ranked Entrepreneurial Event of 2018 - Inc Magazine, below)  as they enter the 
Purpose Villa to teach business seminars.
This isn't just a business program. This is a Heaven on Earth Container here to create the best world we can imagine
This isn't just a business program. This is a Heaven on Earth Container here to create the best world we can imagine
Not only can we empower you to dramatically increase your income, we can show you how to massively enjoy your life while you do so.

Not only are we scaling our impact individually, we are actively collaborating to create the best world we can imagine in this moment right now.
After $10s of thousands of dollars invested in business programs I was tired of the cookie cutter approaches

Our strategies have made people $100k months in this industry, however it's the addition of the integrated emotional work and collaboration community that makes the Leaders of Purpose special.
The World Is Waiting For You
The World Is Waiting For You
We Believe...
You can become a Leader of Purpose: a person who intentionally creates a thriving community online around what they care about most.

Each of us have been given a unique set of gifts and life experiences to equip us for the contribution we’re meant to provide the world.

Like a puzzle, each of us has a piece, unlike any other, that is essential to the completion of the whole.

Your journey, and the lessons you have learned along the way, have the capacity to inspire transformation in others and improve the quality of their lives.

Your gift can change the world.
Member Highlights
Our Current Clients Who Are Crushing it!! 

Rebecca Hall

Congratulations Rebecca on successfully launching 2 group programs, reporting a profound increase in her leadership abilities, "finally being in love with what she's created," and having her highest income month ever with highest ticket sales ever through her work in the Leader Mastermind!

Arianna Aunon

Congratulations Arianna on attracting new clients consistently through her work with George! Arianna is now enrolling soulmate members into her $10k offers as an award winning Women's Health Specialist

Alex Partridge

Congratulations Alex on signing high end clients consistently month over month as a BRAND NEW coach at age 20 after only 1 month in the Leader Mastermind!

There Are People Around The World Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power As A Transformational Leader. 
The Leader Mastermind
There Are People Around The World Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power As A Transformational Leader. 
The Transformational Leader Accelerator
The Purpose Legacy Flagship Offering, The Leader Mastermind, Empowers You To Build An Online Transformational Business That Generates Consistent Revenue While Being Fully Aligned And Creating A Better World
Either you’ve felt the calling to share your voice digitally and use your gifts to serve globally.

Or you’re currently feeling limited in your impact + income and are looking for a step by step strategy to structure your knowledge into an online program that enrolls soulmate clients consistently.
Discover More In Our Masterclass 
Free Custom Business Strategy Blueprint
Schedule a Free Custom  Blueprint to Grow Your Coaching Business
The Leader Mastermind is a 6 month program consisting of 

1. Our Online Transformational Business Course

2. Collaborative Empowerment Systems

3. Twice A Week Coaching Calls 3 Weeks Per Month for 5 Months

The Leader Mastermind is designed to empower transformational leaders like you to build a successful online business while collaborating to create the best world you can imagine

1. Show up as the person your clients want to work with. 
Embody the full potential of who you are meant to be while structuring your work in a way that changes your clients' lives while leaving you with plenty of time for yourself. 

2. Connect deeply with your ideal clients. 
Become crystal clear on who your soulmate clients are, discover their deepest challenges + desires, and learn to enroll them into your program from a place of life changing leadership. 

3. Generate a consistent stream of income. 
Attract clients consistently on autopilot, achieve effortless flow in all aspects of business, and focus on the parts of your business you love
If you want to learn how to scale your impact and income while creating a better world, the Leader Mastermind is for you.
Our ideal registrants fall into one of these 2 categories: 
transformational facilitators, coaches and healers who are either:
The Leader Mastermind is perfect for coaches who are starting out. Our curriculum will walk you from the basics all the way through the advanced concepts.

From embodying the full potential of who you are here to be to connecting deeply with your ideal clients and generating a consistent stream of income, you will learn everything you need to know to take your business into the online sphere and grow your impact globally.

It is your complete, all-in-one guide to building a transformational online business, from the ground up.

There will be plenty of space to ask questions, collaborate with others, and receive individual support on our weekly calls & in our private Facebook Group.
If you're already a successful coach, and you're looking to scale, The Transformational Leader Mastermind can provide the missing pieces you need to create even more impact, influence, and income.

If you're feeling stuck or experiencing a plateau, our program will help you transcend your limits and reach your highest potential through walking you through the step by step process to structure your knowledge into a high-ticket digital product, and generate an automated enrollment pathway.

Coaches with full client bases often feel overwhelmed. The Leader Mastermind'S strategy empowers you to multiply your income while creating an even greater impact on your clients' lives AND leaving you with more time in the week to focus on yourself.
What's Included In The Leader Mastermind:
Lifetime Access to The Online Transformational Business Training
Our training will empower you with the complete formula to building an online transformational business that consistently attracts clients while being fully in alignment
6 Months of Collaborative Empowerment Systems
From a VIP Q+A/Discussion Facebook Group to have your questions answered throughout the program to crowdsourced business knowledge from your fellow Leaders, you will have an entire community behind you
5 Months of 1-2x/Week 3 Weeks/Month Coaching Calls
Experience breakthrough transformation, dive deeply into your specific strategies, and share and receive facilitation from a community of people who might just become lifelong friends
Watch The Masterclass
Free Masterclass
The Leader Mastermind Curriculum: 
Let's Build You An Online Transformational Business That Generates Consistent Revenue While Being Fully Aligned And Creating A Better World
Program Introduction: Clear Everything In The Way + Set Yourself Up to Achieve Incredible Results in the Leader Mastermind

- Learn how to make the most out of the Leader Mastermind and the Leaders of Purpose Community
- Gather the resources that will help you along your journey
- Gain the action steps needed to establish legal grounds for your business to smoothly accept payments and conduct operations
- Experience a powerful transformational experience where you will let go of what is no longer serving you and step into your new self as the leader you are here to be

Module 1: Embody Your Inner Leader: Create The Emotional Foundation For Being The Purpose-Driven Leader You Are Meant To Be

- Get crystal clear on the vision and goals you will bring to reality in this program
- Refine your vision by learning the biggest lessons we have learned from 10 years in the transformational space and 3 years building transformational businesses
- Create balance between the emotional and logical sides of business to accelerate at a pace that is simultaneously fast and relaxed
- Break into the next level of your business consciousness by identifying the feelings of resistance that hold you back and learning to quantum leap your progress in business

Module 2: Discover + Establish Deep Relationship With Your Ideal Clients

- Systematically book and organize calls with the people who are most likely to want your offer
-Use our proprietary approach to establish deep relationships with people representing your client archetype while learning how to serve them best
-Maintain balance between what inspires you and what your audience needs
-Learn the language of your client and effortlessly create the copywriting style that becomes the foundation for all of your work
-Use our proprietary templates to effortlessly organize everything you need to know about the people you are here to serve
-Create and test an MVP social media strategy hypothesis to find out exactly what type of content your clients are wanting to see
-Test everything to get feedback and iterate/improve until product-market fit is achieved

Module 3: Legendary offer : Create a Clearly Defined Online Business Strategy That Combines Your Highest Excitement With Your Ideal Client's Biggest Needs

- Find the perfect match between your passion, your client's need, and what makes the world a better place
-Become grounded in your vision and realize your road map to reaching your goals.
-Identify your unique approach and position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche
-Create a prototype for your online program by structuring your knowledge in a way that will fully demonstrate the value you have to offer
-Craft your offer and price your program in a way that provides massive value, creates accessibility, and provides you with the revenue your need to make your dream impact a reality

Module 4: Epic Enrollment: Step Into Yourself As A Leader Who Gives High Value And Receives The Reward They Have Earned

- Realize your relationship with money. Discover subconscious patterns that have held you back and rapidly move through them with our proprietary embodied transformation methodology 
-Redefine your relationship with enrolling people into your program. Recognize enrollment as the core of leadership and start seeing enrollment calls as your moment to vulnerably be your highest self 
-Leverage methodology + enrollment scripts we have gathered from $10s of thousands of dollars of business training that people have used to create $100k months
-Become a magnet for abundance and ideal clients by stepping into the prosperity mindset and physically realizing the massive value that you have within.
-Utilize the power of the Leaders of Purpose community to master your presence to show up as the person your ideal clients will want to work with

Module 5: Establish The Architecture For An Effortless, Consistent Stream of Jaw-Dropping Social Media Content

- Learn the skills you need to effectively establish credibility, social proof, and an embodied presence online
-Say goodbye to procrastination and writer's block. Master stepping into a flowstate where content pours out of you effortlessly.
-Finally understand the resources and equipment that is and is not essential to creating great content 
-Utilize our proprietary system templates to easily organize and automate your content so all you have to do is stay in your zone of genius
-Create your content creation ritual that inspires you and that you look forward to so your stream of credible content can happen consistently without force

Module 6: Endless Clients: How To Consistently Generate Appointments with Ideal Clients You Haven't Met On Autopilot Without Spending Any Money On Ads

- Learn the most important skills that people do not talk about: how to consistently talk to people in your audience without buying ads.
-Intimately expose 100s of people to your work every week organically without paying for traffic -Leverage the process we use for generating calls with ideal clients consistently
-Utilize our systems to put this process on autopilot so these calls come to you without effort
-Lay the foundations to massively scale your impact and revenue through the best method we learned after investing $10s of thousands of dollars in business education programs

Module 7: Freedom Foundations: Automate Everything You Don't Want To Do In Your Business: Hire Skilled Employees at $3/hour while creating jobs people LOVE

- Develop a CEO mindset that empowers you to work ON rather than IN your business
-Find skilled workers to do everything you don't want to do from admin work to video editing
-Utilize our proprietary system to hire and onboard these workers who are thrilled to work for you at extremely affordable rates
-Utilize our templates + delegation systems to automate call scheduling, contact finding, operations management, and more
-Become an employer that your people will LOVE through our employee relations training
-Save 100s of thousands to millions of dollars over your entrepreneurial career hiring people to do better work at less than 10% of the standard cost while creating global opportunity and impact in hard to reach communities

Module 8: Community Facilitation: Become an even more life changing facilitator, refine your program to massively increase results, and deliver greatness to your clients

- Master the core systems of value creation in an online container to give 10x the value of a standard in- person retreat and 100x the value of a standard online program
-Discover the secrets of leadership: learn the emotional mastery that is 'space holding' and embody the spiritual journey your program is meant to create
-Structure your program around results and up level community involvement to create an experience that will skyrocket your clients into the next level of who they are
-Receive our blueprints for the logistics of course creation gleamed from 4 successful program launches
-Be guided through the process of featuring and being featured in the courses of your fellow Leaders of Purpose to upgrade your exposure and the value your program delivers

Module 9: Purpose Mastery: Create + Maintain Peak Productivity And Fully Enjoy Your Entrepreneurial Life through Advanced Flowstate Tactics + Use The Leaders of Purpose Network to multiply your revenue, build your ideal life, and create Heaven on Earth

-Treat yourself like the incredible Leader you are. Open to fully receiving abundance from what you have created
-Money does not always mean enjoyment. Gain the discipline and flow that will empower you to spend money in ways that truly make you happy
-Master the art of essentialism. Skip the path many entrepreneurs take unconsciously filling their hours with busy work on marketing funnels that end up failing and have the discipline to focus on what works and what you love
-Flowstate Futurism: learn cutting edge techniques to get into peak states of performance at work that we have not seen anywhere else
-Discover the fruits of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Learn our top tips on creating a life of full abundance and enjoyment so you can serve from a cup that is overflowing with love
About the Founder
George Mason Lantay is a transformational entrepreneur, coach, and artist. 

He served as CEO in 4 successful company launches, was featured in Mindvalley for his work bridging transformation with business, and has coached bestselling authors and award winning coaches in his 10 years of professional experience in the personal growth space. 

His clients praise George for bringing their business to the next level through his powerful embodiment practices and strategic insights.


The Entrepreneurial journey is one of a lifetime. We didn't resonate when programs would end suddenly after 20 weeks so we decided to change that. 

As long as you are in good standing with the community at the end of the program, we will invite you to continue with the program at a highly discounted monthly rate as if it never ended‚ÄĒin addition to having lifetime access to the online curriculum no matter what.

That on top of a constantly growing ecosystem of opportunities to evolve further makes Leaders of Purpose your family for life.

Discover More In Our Free Masterclass
Learn More In Our Free Masterclass
Map Your Custom Digital Strategy Blueprint to Grow Your Transformational Business
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